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Prerna Khanna

Tarot card reader, Tarot card reading services, Tarot answers, Tarot consultant india, Tarot card reader in delhi, tarot service in delhi, Tarot reader in delhi, Tarot consultant in delhi, Tarot card consultancy delhi Prerna is a Clairvoyant, Psychic and Intuitive counselor and provides clarity and insight in various areas like career, health, finances and relationships. Being a Clairsentience She can sense subtle energies in structures and human beings and this lead her in becoming a professional in Tarot, Vaastu & Feng Shui consultant. Being a Tarot Reader she combines Tarot Readings and Crystal Therapy for Healing ,Clarity and Insight in various areas like career, health, finances and relationships. Working with the Angelic Realm she helps clients with Angel Readings and Guidance Sessions to connect to Archangels & Angels to help them in receive loving guidance and support.

Coming from a long line of professional clairvoyants, palmists, astrologers and numerologists and with years of experience Prerna's mission is all about helping her clients, finding the best answers and avoiding possible pitfalls.

Prerna has also been writing and contributing for the Astrological Magazines including Star Tellar Magazine on issues related to Fengshui and Crystal Therapy.

To get a personalized reading done for all your queries, you can reach her at

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