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Vaastu Services in delhi,Vaastu Consultant in delhi, Vaastu Consultancy services in delhi, Vaastu service provider in delhi, Vasru Services in delhim Vastu Consultant in delhi, Vastu for home, Office, Bedroom, House, Factory, Vaastu Shastra services in delhi Vaastu Shastra is an ancient Indian Vedic Science of Architecture that puts down guidelines on the construction of buildings such that they are in harmony with the environment or nature. The harmony management is achieved by managing the flow of cosmic energy through and around the buildings, which in turn promotes the well-being, peace and prosperity of the inhabitants"

As per Vaastu, when buildings are in tune with the underlying cosmic principles, they become a part of the basic structure of the universe and vibrate in harmony with it. These positive vibrations are believed to have a positive effect on t by the inhabitants.

Vaastu Shastra takes advantage of and manipulates the natural resources like sun, wind, air etc. and the topography of the site, the surrounding pathways, trees & plants, water sources, other structures etc. to harness the positive energy and prevent imbalance in the building and thus bring about harmony between man, nature and his built environment.

We provide Vaastu Related Consultation without ANY Demolition and try our best to improve the energy movement in your Office, Home or Shop.


Vaastu Tips for home, Vaastu tipe for offices, Vaastu consultant in delhi, Vaastu consultant services in delhi, Vaastu Consultancy Services in delhi, Vaastu services in delhi, Vaastu for offices, Vaastu for home, Vastu consultant in delhi, Vastu consultancy services in delhi, Vaastu Shastra services in delhi, Vastu Shastra Services in delhiA house is a collaboration of rooms with precisely defined entry and exit points. Vaastu for Your house will ensure that all natural energies and powers, including the solar and cosmic energies, are there to bless you

• East is the most auspicious direction for entrance to   a house.
• The slope of the property should be from west to   east or south to north.
• Shadow of a tree should never fall on the house.
• Cactus plant should never be grown in the house.
• All doors should open towards inside.
• Door hinges should be noiseless.
• The bed should never be placed below a beam.
• Square and rectangle shape bedrooms are perfect for ensuring peace and prosperity.
• Avoid hanging pictures that depict violence or sorrow.
• Any reflective surfaces such as mirrors and televisions should be covered at night   while sleeping.
• Air-conditioners should be in the west section.
• Dining tables must have even-numbered chairs.
• A small plot sandwiched between two bigger plots is inauspicious, and the owner of   such a plot can undergo a lot of problem


You’ve been working on a presentation for weeks and the office computer crashes, or worse you suffer heavy losses due to reasons that are completely oblivious to you. Instead of feeling victimized, think about what led to these problems, was it some external force trying to conspire against you? Well, the fact is wrongly constructed buildings, settings and objects can have a very powerful negative effect on people. Fortunately, there is an antidote! By using Vaastu Shastra people can extricate themselves from a potentially bad situation and start a successful career

• Always choose a square or rectangular plot for the office.
• Reception must be in the northeast segment of the office.
• There should be no hindrances near door openings.
• The central zone of the office must be kept vacant.
• The owner of the company must have a rectangular desk in the cabin.
• The best location for a pantry is the southeast or northwest zone.
• The office must not be built close to a graveyard, hospital or a temple.
• The windows and doors of the workplace must be placed in northern and eastern   directions.

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