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Chakra & Aura Healing Course

Chakra healing in delhi, Chakra Healing Course in delhi, chakra healing institute in delhi The Aura is the envelope of subtle energy that surrounds each living and inanimate object on the planet. Auras are energy fields, holding a tremendous amount of information about us.

In addition to the seven layers within each person's aura, there are also 7 chakras or major energy centers, which run in a vertical line through the center of the body from the bottom of the trunk up to the crown of the head. The aura consists of fine lines each of which is called a nadi. Chakras are the junctions where many of these lines of energy meet.

Cleansing the Aura & Chakras-

The best way to ensure that problems don't build up in the aura & Chakra is to clean and heal them. Regular cleansing and healing of your aura and chakras will keep you emotionally, mentally & physically healthy!

Certified Chakra & Aura HealingBasic Course --- Level 1

This Module includes theory of chakras as they are responsible for our energetic, emotional, physical, psychological, mental and spiritual wellbeing, introduction to chakras ,understanding of how they work, meanings of 7 chakras and much more.

Certified Chakra & AuraHealing Advanced Course ---Level 2

As your knowledge of the chakras expands, this level introduces the problems that can occur in the chakras and what are the symptoms, chakra healing methods, healing tools, crystals and what is an aura, aura colors, aura layers much more.

Certified Chakra & Aura Healing Professional Course --- Level 3

To complement the exploration of chakra and aura healing, this level includes how to detect what is wrong in the aura, healing clients, healing yourself, cleansing the aura, clearing and charging, distant healing and much more.

Certified Comprehensive Chakra & Aura Healing Course

This Course includes the following levels:-

1. Certified Chakra & Aura Healing Course --- Level 1

2. Certified Chakra & Aura Healing Course ---Level 2

3. Certified Chakra & Aura Healing Course --- Level 3

CERTIFICATION: - A certificate is granted to those who successfully complete the Course / Levels.

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Tarot Consultancy

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