• We had an amazing Tarot Session with Malati. She Was Spot on with her predictive insights, and guided us on how to overcome the obstacles. Thank you for the brilliant session— Priyanka, Australia

• I am just writing you to say “Thanks” for helping me deal with certain problem in my life through the use of Angelic Affirmations & Crystal Healing. My inner self has been calmer and happier Since Taking Them. Prerna, your gifts of listening and insight are truly a blessing to those who reach out to you.— Preeti, Delhi

• Prerna’s crystal healing techniques, literally played a major part in Healing me through the worst physical pains which I had suffered in my entire life.—Michelle, New Jersey

• Thank you for your insight, the card reading has given me great confidence to strike out on my own. You have given me An Awesome Reading, Thank you.--- Sangeeta, Chennai

• "I was feeling unclear in my current life situation, and not sure which path to take. My previous reading with Divya, had proved to be very accurate and helpful so I got in touch for another reading. Thank You Divya!--- Vaibhav, U.k

• "My reading with Malati surpassed my expectations. It was a good opportunity to focus on my life decisions with someone who was genuinely interested in helping and her interpretation of the cards had true relevance for me.--- Avinash, Mumbai

• "Divya, My reading, was amazing and I feel very uplifted by it .Thank You!—Milind, Delhi

• Malati “I appreciate your reading – it seems to be more accurate than ones I have had from others.”—Anuradha, Faridabad

• Prerna , Thank you for another wonderful Angel Reading, it’s very inspiring and motivating, I have been thinking about changing things for a while and this reading just confirms what I was thinking." -- Sara, Germany

• "Dear Divya, After a Tarot reading I feel stronger and I have my sense of direction back :) thank you !" --- Sarita, Bangalore

• .The Tarot content was clear & simple, yet detailed at the same time. … I also had the opportunity to have studied with Malati at GUIDING AURAS. The way she teaches made me see how in depth the tarot cards really are.-—Neha, Delhi

• All Courses are brilliant. I was supported every step of the way. I love your positivity and also the way guidance is gently handled. I would recommend GUIDING AURAS courses to everyone.--- Kajol, Chandigarh

• "Excellent Tarot course content. I thoroughly enjoyed studying with Divya at GUIDING AURAS. I have started my third Tarot reading course with you and I'm really enjoying it. Tutors and Material are Excellent and Really Encouraging. Many thanks."--- Ritu, Gurgaoun

• "Dear Prerna, Thank you as I now have a complete understanding of Healing Crystals, whereas before I only chose crystals by color, not by their Healing qualities. The course notes are so clear and concise and I was pleased with the amount of detail covered. Studying with you was a very good experience!" --- Ruchika Narang, Delhi

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